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Website for all School/college

Free hosted website with school/college named domain will be provided by foundation. This site is designed to manage easily by staff of school. The site is modified and updated easily. Site is fully loaded with features like Principal message, news, staff detail, events, image gallery etc.

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Online learning & teaching software

Kachhua provides a platform on which all faculty can create their own material, learning videos, notes, slide, test and assignment in their personal account, and all student of the school can access these material, video, notes, slides, test and assignment in once personal account. Material created once can be modified, updated, revised anytime again by teacher and student can access all these material anytime on internet frequently. Teacher can share their material with other school (Joined with Kachhua), If they want, and so students of the school will be benefited by study material created by other expert of different school-college. Principal-Director of school has all the access to all these material. He/She can get report of all the students which has studied material or given tests.

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Management System

Kachhua provides user-friendly website with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of school / college / institution. The various modules available in kachhua facilitate all the processes of school, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies. Kachhua has modules to manage Timetable, Attendance, staff management, Examinations, Grade-books, Campus News, Hostel, Library, Transportation, School Calendar, Events and many more. It has a fully-fledged Human Resource module to manage the payroll and employee pay slips.

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Be free hosted online institute

For each Educational Institute ( Government of non Government ) Kachhua Foundation offer services to help the institute to serve its students better. Kachhua Foundation provides online platform (of course free with no condition apply ) with bunch of education software already installed. Read full information and contact us to go online.


Apply for it, after verification you will become online institute and will be benefited with all facility provided by kachhua froundation for life time.

What you GET.

Fully loaded education software. Institute management Software. Online Teaching software. Online Learning module.

Why you GET.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, and you are holding that powerful weapon. We respect you( if you are using this weapon at right way ).

How you GET.

Apply for it, we review your application, on verification our executive ( volunteer ) contact you to sign MOU, and over to start.

Kachhua startup  Be a Businessman

Kachhua Startup

You feel you think differently and other think you are not normal or crazy ( I mean mad ), smile, you born to be great. Thinking to start new business of create new software, apps, portal, service and don't want to do the job ( we recommend ), we welcome you.

What we support

Make you Entrepreneur. Help you to register you company or do the same for you. Help you register your trad mark. Give you office(wi-fi) with your table and chair. Train you to market your product or find costumers. Affordable host facility and training for same.

What you pay (Invest)

Monthly support charge 1200/- (of course only). You dedication in your business. Term and condition: Promise to dream BIG only. TAX: Thinking out of box.

Join with us as Volunteer, If you have zest to do something for Education we need your support.

Here we are team of some crazy and young ( not physically ) man (woman also) to work for uplifting education method in India. We invite more who want to something for humanity. You would be anywhere in this universe you can join with us.


We are non Government Organization and work like multinational company, so we need Executive Directors, CEO, Executive, Marketing Personnel, Team Leader ..... (don't forget Volunteer). If you can work with joy and efficiency (You need skill too) you can join Kachhua Foundation to work with us.

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Live Teacher

You have good teaching skill, want to teach online to enlighten minds of India you can share your knowledge here. You can teach any subjects Matsh, Language, Science (std 5 to Master of Science), Engineering, Medical, Technology, Arts, Business .....

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Media Partner

Kachhua Foundation is non profit organization but work like a corporate company, and our media partner perform all task that promotion and marketing department of a company do. If list it.... Promote all activity of the foundation Help the foundation to contact more volunteer Help to generate Fund when foundation is in need Bring the activities of foundation to all school and colleges (in cities , villages and remote area also) Educate the educationist ( teachers, mentors, Directors of educational institutes ) by your media

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Think tank (Adviser)

Big Team can create disaster with good leader. Great ideas have power to create. And if we have experienced people to share their experience, we are not willing to learn from our own. We respect knowledge and experience. And welcome to guide us, support us, unite us.

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Recent MOUs with Institutes

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  • November 21, 2014

    M & I Patel sadhana Vinay Mandir,Bhatsar,Gujarat  signed MOU with Kachhua foundation. By this...

  • November 21, 2014

      Adarsh Vidyalaya,Patan,Gujarat  signed MOU with Kachhua foundation. By this MOU the school will...

  • October 20, 2014

    Gram Seva U.U.B.Vidhyalay,Sankheshwar,Gujarat  signed MOU with Kachhua foundation. By this MOU the school will...

  • October 13, 2014

    H.M.Y.Kotwal Sarwajanik High School,Bodhan,Gujarat  signed MOU with Kachhua foundation. By this MOU the school...

What Great People say about Kachhua

If you wanna say something about kachhua (Obviously appreciating) write us.

  • Kachhua Foundation is going to change whole picture of education system. Concept is simple but when it meats with technology it will create new way of learning and teaching.

    -  Vijaykumar  -

   Don't think, join with kachhua. Thousand of students are waiting for your assistance !!

Kachhua Foundation is India's Fastest Growing Educational Foundation run by young Indian.