101 Reason to join with Kachhua

101 Reason to join with Kachhua

It is FREE

It is developed and managed by Foundation so we charge nothing ( Not for software, host and even training)

Phone Support

Whenever you have any query, confusion, question we are here to hear you, just a call away ( Obviously office time).

You can join with existing Domain (Website)

If you school/college has website, good. we configure kachhua in your website.

It give personal account to Teacher

Each teacher of your institute / School has its own personal account to update notice, material, video, test, etc...

Parents have login account

Every Parent can see update of school / college, get personal message , see result and other notice related to his/her daughter/son.

Master Admin

Supreme has all access and control. Master admin can Create teacher/student give them specific permission of block the permission.

It has educational social network

Kachhua provide social touch to education so teachers and students can share their knowledge and information.

Teacher can give video lectures

It has special feature of video tutoring. Besides text, teacher can upload his/her videos also for batter description.

Fee collection module

Institute / school can create custom fee, and update fee collection.

Online Admission

When student apply online, institute can admit the student by just one click verifying his/her detail.

it is secure

We use SSL secure connection, so it is secure.

We don't sale your data

We respect privacy, and never intend to earn from selling data of students. Feel relaxed not even our employee has permission to access the data.

Online Exam

Your institute/school can arrange online exam in the institute/school or on the GO.

Useful for all type of Institute

Whether you are university or college or school or private class/institute or group of institutes you can use kachhua solutions

It has slides to teach

Presentation by slides is one of the best way. Topics become simple when described in slides. Teacher in kachhua can teach by using built in slide module.

MCQ Exam

MCQ is best way to check knowledge on students. Kachhua provide simple and user friendly MCQ exam creator module. You can upload questions in CSV format also.

Course creator

Teacher can create full course topic by topic making combination of Text, Video, slide, MCQ exam, Assignment etc.

Responsive site

Kachhua site is responsive to can be opened perfectly in any size screen ( Monitor of Mobile ).