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You have good teaching skill, want to teach online to enlighten minds of India you can share your knowledge here. You can teach any subjects Math, Language, Science (std 5 to Master of Science), Engineering, Medical, Technology, Arts, Business …..


  1. What is  Live Teacher?, the educational site run by support of member of Kachhua foundation. All learning material sale is prepared by live teacher of kachhua foundation free of cost, and for that abide (it is agreement) to sale all this material at very affordable price compared to other professional website.

As per this agreement sales all the course (Whose  material  is prepared by our foundation’s live teacher ) at rate of Rs. 200 to 500 while same courses are sold at Rs. 5000 to 25000 by other companies and website.

Now it is upon you that our  students should get the  best study material and course at just Rs 200 or pay his/her father’s monthly salary.

  2. What skill you required to be live teacher at Kachhua Foundation?

Deep knowledge of the subject you wonna teach ( any subject you feel it is  helpful to students).

Good Teaching skill  ( if have experience !! Batter )

Basic Knowledge of computer and software handling ( If you can work on ppt, word, libre office, MS office, or some of like this ).


 3. How students will be benefited  by it?

We organize the material / videos / slides / Test that you produce. You may create just a topic or full chapter or whole subject but we  organize all these according to student’s need, We go to  each school/college of India and and inform them about all these study material created by you. And provide it at affordable price.

  4. How will  you get reward of it?

If course created by you are in good demand by students and verified and appreciated by our team we recommend Watsar Infotech Pvt. Ltd. to give you royalty on selling the course ( and of course they will be agree for the same ).

Royalty amount will be dependent on course , its demand and other factor affected on revenue generation.

Use your skill at right place…. Thousands of students are waiting to be taught  by expert like you.


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